So, this is really cool and not cool at the same time. There is a Chinese space station that has been slowly falling out of orbit and scientists are saying that it will come crashing to earth within the next few weeks. If it doesn't completely burn up on re-entry. And one of the real possibilities if anything does make it through re-entry is that is will come crashing to Earth in the Magic Valley!

Yeah, thanks a lot China. Even your space station isn't built to last and when it breaks could cause massive damage. Arrival for the crash landed is around April 4th, 2018 give or take a week. In the map above, the yellow areas are the most likely to be hit by debris.

The Tiangong-1 is an almost 19,000 pound space station, so it isn't just some small satellite. Estimates are saying that what metal does make it to Earth may be hazardous with corrosive toxins. DailyMail says that 10 to 40 percent of the space station could survive the re-entry, so that could be a chunk of metal (if it stays together) between 180 and 700 pounds. Though they Daily Mail says more likely around 220lbs.

Nobody currently knows where this thing will land and the odds of a crash in Idaho are slim, but there is still a chance and that is scary.

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