There’s a small town in between Las Vegas and Twin Falls that is doing something brilliant to help fight crime and it actually involves them not doing anything at all.

How Police Fight Crime With Limited Presence

How can police fight crime without fighting it? In the little city of McGill, Nevada I witnessed to endeavor first-hand over the weekend. As you drive through the town, not far from Ely, the speed limit drops quickly from 70 to 25. I can’t imagine how many cars travel through this town as it is on the main path to Las Vegas. I don’t suppose most motorists are too excited to slow down so much on their long drives so many probably don’t.

Credit N8
Credit N8

Police would be busy all day trying to enforce the speed limit, so instead of a cop out there with a radar gun all they do is park a police car at one end of the city. The vehicle can be seen from either end of the town and that’s all it takes for most people to slow down, the possibility of getting busted.

Town South of Twin Falls Uses Fake Cops For Traffic Control

This isn’t a new tactic for McGill either. They had an unoccupied cop car at the other end of the town when we drove through last fall. They even have a mannequin sitting in the driver's seat for added authenticity. This isn’t a fix for all crimes and there are most definitely still cars that don’t drop to 25 in McGill, but there is a definite power in having even a facade of authority visible.

I appreciate the work our local law enforcement does every day. It must be frustrating knowing that you can’t be everywhere, helping everyone, all the time. I tip my hat, and press my brakes, for the ingenuity of the White Pine County Sheriff

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