There is something super satisfying about being able to go around and pick your own fruit at a farm. There are a few places you can go check out around the Magic Valley that are u-pick farms for different types of fruits.

Places you can go to pick your own berries

You can go to Tubbs Berry Farm and pick your own raspberries and blackberries. These don't typically start until around August sometime. So you should make sure you check out their website and Facebook page for more information. They even give you some hints about which berries are the best and at what times.

Places to pick fruits other than berries

You can check out Kelley's Canyon Orchard north of Filer. Their fruit stand is open seasonally but within the next few weeks you can start picking cherries and apricots. Closer to August you can get peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, apples, tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Closer to the end of this month you can also go to Northview Orchard in Buhl where you can pick cherries. According to their Facebook page the cherries won't be ready for several weeks. You can always check back to get exact dates.

How to pick your own

It is suggested that you call all the farms and make an appointment with them to see when you can go in and pick your own. Prices also vary based on each farm. Again, it is always best to call before.

As far as Breckenridge near CSI, I have not been able to confirm or deny that they will be doing u-pick this year. We will update you as we can.

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