It is almost time for farmers market season! Probably my favorite time of year. Several farmers markets around the area are beginning to announce when they plan on opening and it is hopefully going to come quick.

First of all, the farmers market over by the hospital previously known as Sprouts has officially changed their name and they are going to be the ones to open first. They are now called Blue Rock Farm Market so it could incorporate the name of the farm with the store. They will be opening April 28th.

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The Twin Falls Farmers' Market will be located behind the old Shopko building and they plan on opening before Mother's Day. Officially on May 8th from 9 am until 1 pm.

The Downtown Farmers Market that usually happens on Saturdays on Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls is the only one that I have not been able to find an official opening date yet but we are hoping it is right around the same time as the other farmers markets.

The market over on Addison Ave close to where the old D & B was has not announced an opening date either but we will get that information out as soon as we can.

It appears that the Twin Falls Farmers Market that used to be on North College Road is going to stay at the Magic Valley Mall parking lot this year. It was moved last year to that location due to COVID 19. If that changes we will let you know as soon as we do.

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