All I can say is that it's about time. Now, you can finally take your pet chicken for a walk in their very own stroller.

I can't take the credit for discovering this. I first saw it on the Homestead & Survival Facebook page.

Here's the Amazon description:

Four Paws strollers give owners the freedom to walk their pets without worrying about leashes or pulling behaviors
Vinyl-protected, synthetic cotton pad for comfort
Includes a food tray and two cup holders
Folds and locks into a manageable storage size
Perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits, and small pets

You read that right. There's a cup holder for you AND your chicken. Nice.

If you want to put a chicken and a rabbit in the stroller, you can watch the food chain play itself out in real time.

As of right now, this chicken stroller will run you a cool $118 (plus shipping) from Amazon. You (and your chicken) can thank us later.

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