We all have a favorite burrito. A food website recently put a state-by-state list together of what they believe to be the best in the country. 

If I had to choose the best burrito I've ever eaten in my life, I would go with La Azteca Tortilleria, in the great city of Los Angeles. The best I've had in Idaho I ate while in Boise before attending a concert in the summer of 2017. We ate at Chapala Mexican Restaurant on North Glenwood Street, and I still remember that chicken burrito.

Unfortunately, the majority of burritos I eat these days are of the fast-food variety. There's actually a YouTube channel called Mashed that posted a video a couple of weeks ago of their top burritos for people in a rush. In Twin Falls, we usually hit up 9 Beans & A Burrito when we are seeking one in a hurry.

According to a writer at eatthis.com, the best burrito in the state of Idaho comes out of the kitchen at Morenita's in Idaho Falls. They ranked burritos across the United States and decided that the best in the Gem State is about a 160-mile drive from Twin Falls.

I've never had a burrito at Morenita's, but am beyond intrigued. I'll drive a good distance for a burrito if need be. As far as my favorite restaurant in Twin Falls to sit down and crush a burrito, well that would have to be La Casita, on South Park Avenue West.

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