It's time to dust off those telescopes Twin Falls, because in just a few days we will have the opportunity to witness something that not many have, or ever will again, in the sky above us. The event may also be a sign of good things to come in 2021.

Imagine getting to see a celestial event that no living creature on Earth has witnessed since historical figures like Genghis Khan and Marco Polo were alive. We're talking about roughly 800 years, which is of course more of a hypothesis than a fact when talking about astral events 400 years prior to the invention of the telescope.

Nonetheless, the idea that we have the opportunity in our lifetimes to see planets perfectly aligned to the point that a star's energy can be viewed from the people of Earth for the first time dating back so long ago, it makes for an extremely exciting moment in our history. For some, it might even be viewed as a signal for some type of impending religious or spiritual manifestation.

On December 21, 2020, the fabled "Star of Bethlehem," also known as the "Christmas Star," is expected to be visible in the night sky thanks to an extraordinary arrangement taking place between Jupiter and Saturn, according to information shared by Apparently, the two planets align in this manner every two decades, but December 21 will be different.

Maybe this is a good sign. For this year 2020--one that has seen so much national angst and worldwide sickness and death--to have such a rarity of the heavens expected to unfold before our very eyes, it may just be a signal that some sort of miraculous  mending of our planet is coming sooner than later.

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