The saga continues with the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Once again the TF Animal Shelter is completely full, or still completely full depending on how you look at it. They posted a video today on their Facebook page showing the kennels full of dogs.

Even with the number of dogs in the kennels and the fact that some of the dogs are out in the yard and on walks you can see that the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is crowded and in need of homes to send these dogs to. You can see pictures and information on all the adoptable dogs in the gallery below or on the Animal Shelters Facebook page.

It isn't just dogs that are in abundance at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, the cat population is crazy too. Check out some of those adoptable cats below and also on the Facebook page.

Because there are so many cats, the Animal Shelter is holding a special even with cat adoptions being free to approved applicants for a limited time. You can fill out an application and see these cats and dogs in person at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Go spend some time with these critters and see which one is the best fit for your house and family.

Some good news from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is that long-timer Shadow has finally been adopted. Shadow was at the shelter for around three months waiting for the right family to come by and give him a chance.

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