We have another option for Asian food and it looks delicious. Fuji Xpress is located inside 2nd South Market and they serve Asian fusion cuisine. I see sushi so I am so going there.

Fuji Xpress took the spot of Rosti Xpress, the Mexican restaurant that was originally in there when the food hall opened up. Now it is this Asian cuisine and judging by the pictures, it is pretty awesome.

I can't seem to find a menu online but I am pretty sure there are some rice bowls, chow mein and of course, sushi. I heard rumors that they were run by the same people who do the Poke and Sushi Hut but that has not been confirmed yet. I really enjoy the Poke and Sushi Hut too.

Actually, I like everything that is in the food hall. I haven't had a bad meal there and there are so many different options. It is great for groups of people with drastically different food preferences. I love that I can take my family who refuses to eat sushi for some reason to this place and they can get delicious barbecue, pizza or whatever while I enjoy myself some sushi. A lot less fighting about dinner this way.

If you haven't been to 2nd South Market in a while, they are also hosting shows in "The Yard" which is in the back patio area of the building. Definitely looks like a ton of fun. Yay for more food options in Twin Falls.

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