It's not often I write a headline that makes me blush. Like most of you, I had never heard of a Beaver Full Moon, but apparently it's a spiritual thing, and will coincide with an eclipse a week from Friday.

Okay, from what I can gather a Beaver Moon has no concrete meaning at all. Some believe the term dates back to a time when Native Americans carried out specific hunting techniques, but I've found no real proof this holds any water.

There isn't really anything that separates a "Beaver Moon" from your typical full moon, based on my research. The sage-burners and free spirits who put faith in astrological bewitchment will disagree with my findings wholeheartedly. Thank God that doobie will help mellow them out afterwards.

There also won't be any sort of light blockage from another celestial body that will leave a beaver-like outline on the moon's surface either. The image I used was just someone's attempt at symbolic adroitness.

There will however be a pretty sweet partial lunar eclipse on November 19. The Twin Falls' extended weather outlook (laughable to predict I know) is calling for partly cloudy conditions the evening of November 19, and an overnight low of 30-degrees.

The Leonid Meteor Showers will also be peaking for two nights prior, so the entire week should make for some incredible stargazing, that is of course weather permitting. Make sure you get out of town and away from city lights to view these gifts from the space gods. I'll be likely outside in the alleyway behind my place with a monoscope in one hand, and a glass of red in the other.

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