The celestial event many in the scientific community refer to as the best annual light show of the year in North America will hit its peak tonight (August 11) and Thursday.

The Perseid Meteor Shower has been putting on a nightly display of streaking space debris for the past several days, and will soon be out of sight for Twin Falls' stargazers. Wednesday and Thursday evenings will be best opportunities to get outdoors and see the meteors.

For those that would like to view the show from the comfort of their own couches, there are many Perseid Meteor live streams available to watch on the Internet. The best times to view this week will be between 10 P.M. and midnight (local time), according to

These meteors appear to originate from the area of the sky commonly referred to as the Constellation Perseus, hence the name. The average hour produces close to 100 meteors for starwatchers to marvel at.

September will be a good month to view the planet Venus. At its closest to Earth, Venus is at a distance of roughly 25 million miles, making it visible to us in both the daytime and evening hours. Beginning in mid-September, Venus will be the brightest planet in the sky for the remainder of 2021, according to

The best way to view the Perseid Meteors is to find a location far from city lights. You'll want binoculars for the best results if possible, but should have no problem seeing them with the naked eye.

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