I love the whole adventure of getting to Box Canyon. My wife does not. That's partly my fault because the first time we went together, I told her it was about a two-mile hike total. I was wrong and now she calls it the death hike. Well, the death hike just got a lot less deathly. There is a new parking area that gets you right up near the entrance to the canyon so you can skip the mile-long trek through the weeds from the original parking lot. If the video doesn't play below you can watch it on Facebook.

Hey Arnel has put together a nice video that shows the changes and also highlights some of the many cool things you can do at Box Canyon. Part of me is happy about the option of parking closer to the canyon but this is definitely going to make it a lot more crowded. The new parking lot also kind of negates the first rule in the 10 Commandments of Box Canyon. If you haven't read those yet make sure to get learned.

Parking at the new lot is still $5 so bring enough cash and fill out the form.

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