Box Canyon has been my favorite nearby destination since I moved here to Twin Falls. I love the hike down the canyon wall and the trail that runs along the beautiful rushing river. I even love the ice cold water of the lake at the end of Box Canyon. But my favorite part is easily the small, yet powerful, waterfall in Box Canyon.

The Box Canyon Waterfall Is The Most Beautiful Waterfall In Southern Idaho

There are a few amazing waterfalls in Southern Idaho and each of them is worth a visit. Go see the Perrine Coulee Falls, Shoshone Falls, Ross Falls, and Auger Falls. But Box Canyon is the best: there's even photo proof.

Beautiful Box Canyon Waterfall and River

Box Canyon Is Beautiful, But It Is Also Dangerous

I'd honestly pit the Box Canyon against the Shoshone Falls pretty much any day of the year. Unless the Shoshone Falls are at full flow, they can actually be kind of disappointing. Box Canyon is always stunning, as you can see in the pictures above.

Box Canyon used to be dangerous because you could get heatstroke walking from the parking lot to the canyon, but now the parking lot is right at the canyon entrance. But the canyon is still dangerous, you have to be careful along the ridge so you don't fall in.

You also need to watch out for Poison Ivy as you walk along the trail in the canyon.

Beautiful Box Canyon Hike

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