Looks like it is time for another round of 'get paid to do something random during the pandemic'. The High Speed Internet website is back with a competition to find the perfect person to play video games during the pandemic. Proving anyone who ever told you that you can't make money playing video games was wrong. Internet companies have attempted to capitalize on people stuck at home and have done a few of these contests recently. There was a contest to have someone binge watch The Office or watch any show you want to during the pandemic and get paid for it.

The newest contest, or competition depending on how you look at it, is a little more hands on than being a couch potato. High Speed Internet wants someone to play the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. That may actually be the hardest part of the contest - getting a Nintendo Switch if you don't currently have one. The company won't provide the console or copy of the game, that's on you, and the Nintendo Switch console has been in high demand and out of stock often. But if you do have the equipment and are picked as their chosen one, you could earn $1,000 for playing.

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I don't have a Switch and I have never played Animal Crossing: New Horizons so I can't say if playing the game for 50 hours is a challenge or something simple that an average player could pull off. Judging by the description of the game though, I'm thinking most kids could rock a contest like this. But this dream job isn't for the kids, you have to be 18 or older to play.

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