I have to admit that I thought this pandemic induced social isolation would mean a lot more time for me to play video games and watch movies. You know how much video game time I have had over the last two months? None, and I still only watch movies when I have time on the weekends. It turns out that being stuck at home while still doing a full time job and taking care of a family actually means absolutely nothing as far as having 'extra time'. Or, I'm doing it wrong and should be forcing myself to do the things I thought I would be doing.

Your social isolation could become less boring or normal and more profitable. The CBD oil company Spruce is looking to find as dog-lover, or a lover of movies about dogs, to binge watch a bunch of shows and document their experience. If you are chosen by Spruce as the top dog, you'll have to watch 10 dog-based movies and complete the specified tasks to earn $1,000, a year long Disney+ subscription, Barkbox subscription, and Spruce CBD dog oil.

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Spruce gives you 15 movie choices and you'll have to pick and watch 10 to complete the job. A few I'd recommend from the list are Turner and Hooch, Bolt, and Frankenweenie. If interested you have to apply by May 29th, 2020 on the Take Spruce website.

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