They call Disneyland the ‘happiest place on Earth, but if you have ever been it’s happiness teetering on the edge of insanity.

The entire park is filled with kids and adults who are just one ride or a line that’s too long away from a mental breakdown.

WATCH: Viral Video Shows 6 Women Fighting at CA Disney Park

In recent years, Disney has been on a quest to prove that their lead women and princesses don’t need a man to fight their battles but I don’t think a beatdown in their famous family-friendly park is what they were aiming for.

In the video, posted to Instagram on the santaanaproblems account from the 714.layla_ page, shows at least 6 women involved in the fight (I counted 6 and other sources say 5)…which doesn’t really look much like a fight. It’s really just the groups of women attacking a lone woman seated on the ground as multiple small children watch.

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We don’t see what started or caused the fight at the Disney California Adventure Park and we don’t see how it ends. What we do see is a sad image. In what should be times of joy for the kids and their adults, they made a memory that will tarnish the moment forever. The internet will also never forget it. The video has been shared by local groups and as far away as a news site in Australia.

You can have fun at Disneyland, sometimes you may have to put on a fake smile to cover your exhaustion or lack of patience, but it should never come to fisticuffs like the video shows.

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