If you've been thinking to yourself: 'Self, you need more cats in your life' then you and yourself need to get to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter for their cat spectacular event. Adult cat and kitten adoptions fees are discounted, so you can get one or a few.

How Much Are Cat And Kitten Adoptions At The Twin Falls Animal Shelter?

During this special cat and kitten adoption event at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, adult cat adoptions are $9 and kitten adoptions are $24. Adult cat adoptions are normally $24 and kittens are $63. There currently isn't an end date for the cat sale so check with the shelter if you have questions.

Are All Animals From The Twin Falls Animal Shelter Ready For New Homes?

While most animals at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter are ready to go to new homes, there are some that are not quite ready. They may be waiting for vaccinations, microchip, to be spayed or neutered, or working on temperament testing to see how they act around people and other animals.

All animals that are ready for adoption will be fixed (spayed or neutered), vaccinated, and microchipped.

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How Do You Adopt From The Twin Falls Animal Shelter?

To adopt an animal from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter you need to first fill out an online application. Once you are approved to adopt one of the animals you choose, the shelter will contact you about proceeding from there. You can go in at any time the shelter is open to look at the animals and interact with them to see if any are right for you and your family.

Can I See Twin Falls Adoptable Dogs And Cats Online?

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter posts pictures weekly of the cats and dogs that are ready for adoption. You can see the dogs in this photo gallery on Facebook and the cats that are ready for homes in this Facebook gallery.

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