Today, July 13th, is National French Fry Day and a lot of local restaurants are offering free or discount food. Free and food are two 'F' words you need to get my attention, add in fries and I'm all in. I celebrated National French Fry Day by eating two orders of fries which is actually a lot more than two servings of fries. A serving of fries is actually only 12 to 15 fries according to the USDA, so most restaurants give you way more than a serving in their orders. Thanks gracious restaurants. Though one Harvard professor thinks a serving should be just six fries. Before we get to the free fry deals, The Idaho Potato Commission is holding a contest, which ends today, to win $100, potato coupons, and an air fryer.

Now, where can you get free french fries in Twin Falls? If you have a restaurant app on your phone and they serve fries, check there first. That's how I found out about the free fries I got. If you don't have any restaurant apps on your phone, how are you still alive? You'll also need the app for some of these deals.

  • McDonald's - Get a free medium fry through the app, no other purchase needed.
  • Burger King - Get a free medium fry with any purchase over a dollar through their app.
  • KFC - Yes, KFC has fries and you can get an order for 30 cents with the purchase of any regular priced menu item in restaurant. No app or email required.
  • Carl's Jr. - With the Carl's Jr. email list you can get a free small fry and drink with a Western Bacon Cheeseburger purchase.
  • Taco John's - Not technically french fries, but you can get free Potato Oles with an app purchase.
  • Wendy's - Large fries are $1.19 at Wendy's with a special coupon from their app.
  • Arby's - Sign up for the Arby's email newsletter and you'll get free fries and a drink with a sandwich purchase.

Don't forget to download our app too. You won't get free fries but you will get to listen to us anywhere, special story updates, and contests.

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