A paranormal research team that investigated more than 10,000 cases over the span of three decades once wandered the halls of an Idaho university. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren are the paranormal duo that inspired the film, "The Conjuring." The married couple were at one time regarded as the country's foremost researchers of reported hauntings in the United States. It was almost thirty years ago that the team visited a dormitory on the campus of the University of Idaho after reported sightings of a young woman who was said to have hung herself.

Details of the Warren's investigation of UI's Ridenbaugh Hall in 1992 were shared in both a 2019 paranormal podcast, and an October, 2018, university publication. Ed and Lorraine visited the city of Moscow 28 years ago after they were contacted about sightings of a woman in her twenties seen in a particular room on campus, according to UI's Argonaut publication.

Room 225 of Ridenbaugh Hall is said to have been where the Warren's concentrated their investigation in. While no definitive proof ever came out of the investigation leading to anything ghostly, it's still fascinating to know that the Warren's walked the grounds of the university in the early nineties.

The researcher's work became the focal point of "The Conjuring" films, with the first being released in 2013. The stories of the team's terrifying adventures also inspired the "Annabelle" series, which centers around a doll that is alleged to be possessed by an evil force. To this day, the doll still can be viewed at the Warren's Occult Museum in Connecticut.

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