For those in the Magic Valley that like visiting locations that are said to have paranormal activity, there's an old bridge that's just a two hour drive northwest of Twin Falls that is said to be visited by a distraught female spirit. The sounds of crying babies has also been reportedly heard at night.

Emmett, Idaho, is located 160 miles from Twin Falls, and near the state's capital city of Boise. I personally have never visited this small city of roughly 7,500 people, but being a big fan of anything that goes bump in the night, I might head up there as it gets closer to Halloween. By the way, the countdown is at 73 days.

The Emmett Plaza Bridge is a place that many go to on the weekends to lounge by the river. It's also a hot spot for bridge jumpers, as the bridge isn't very high, and the cool water below is deep enough so no one risks any real injury. When the night falls, the bridge allegedly takes on a life of its own. The location has been scaring the hell out of wanna be ghost hunters for years.

According to the reports, a woman has been seen not of full body, and searching for something. The sounds of babies crying has also been reported, or so says the tale. Perhaps the reported spirit is that of a distraught mother who lost a child near the bridge years back.

I might just have to do some amateur investigating of the bridge myself. Like many of you, I don't scare easily, and always love a good adventure.

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