My wife recently stopped watching the Real Housewives of Wherever and the Kardashians long enough to get hooked on a show that is actually pretty good and a little educational. Ghost Town Gold is a show that only ran for one season with six episodes in 2012 and we are just getting to it seven years later. Looks like we found our own old treasure.

The show is pretty interesting because they find some cool old items and most of the items have a back story that the owners share, but it is extra cool because they find almost all of it either here in Idaho or Nevada. The episode we watched last night was all here in Idaho starting in Silver City and then they went down to Bruneau. This part of Idaho is perfect for their little treasure hunts because Southern Idaho is rich with history and relics from the wild west and the Oregon Trail adventures.

We've been watching the show on Netflix but you can watch clips and a few episodes if you search online.

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