When high school seniors are making one of the biggest decisions of their life, where to go for college, we’re sure they’re doing this. 


We’re nervous to say it because of how ugly Idaho’s attitude is toward transplants, but twelve years ago, we were doing it too. This author grew up in a city in Northeast Ohio that regularly finds itself on lists like “The Worst American Cities to Live in,” “Most Dangerous Cities in America” and “Poorest Cities in Ohio.” In her final months of college, she started looking for full time radio jobs outside of that city where she’d been on the air for three years. Not one, but two, job postings for Boise, Idaho stuck out and she thought “I think I might be perfect for this.” 

The only city west of the Mississippi she’d been to was Las Vegas. She really didn’t know anything about Boise (other than being ecstatic that she randomly picked Boise State in a college bowl game football pick-em challenge) or Idaho. So naturally, she turned to Google to ask some questions. 

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Whether it’s high school students, college students or just folks looking for a change of scenery, thousands of people are Googling questions about Idaho every single day. Ten years ago, a blogger set out on a quest to discover the biggest stereotype about every state based on questions people were Googling that started with “Why is (state name) so…” or “What is (state name)...” The autocomplete questions gave them a pretty good answer. 

We decided to try the same thing in 2022 and these are the burning questions that Google (or at least the people you use it) have about the state of Idaho. 

15 Burning Questions Reveal What Google Really Thinks About Idaho

In 2012, a blogger set out to find out the biggest stereotypes about every state by taking at look at what questions came up when they typed in the words "Why is (state name) so" or "What is (state name)" We tried that same experiment in ten years later and here's what we discovered!

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