SALMON, Idaho (KLIX)-A grizzly bear was caught on trail cam in mid-May near Salmon, an area where the bears are not typically seen. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed the bear in the image was indeed a grizzly bear, a species that doesn't usually roam the area near Salmon. Most grizzly bears in Idaho are found near Yellowstone National Park or in the Panhandle Region. This isn't the first time a grizzly has been spotted near Salmon, in 2020 one was seen south of the town and recorded on camera. Another bear was spotted near Grangeville, again not a typical place to find grizzlies, that same year, according to Idaho Fish and Game. Wildlife officials say young grizzly bears are known to wander many miles but, don't stay in any particular area. Idaho Fish and Game ask anyone who spots a grizzly bear in an area they are not usually seen to report it as soon as they can at its Wildlife Observation page.

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