WARNING: Some of the Videos below have violent and sensitive material. The Video is not suitable for all viewers and maybe a little hard to watch for some. 

With spring in full swing and summer officially beginning soon, many animals are seeing their babies be born or hatched and begin their lives. One of the true joys in life is seeing baby animals, especially in the wild. The problem with seeing a cute baby animal in the wild though is that it usually means mama is not far behind, and that part is terrifying. Just as we are taught to stay away from baby animals because mama can and will attack, other animals need to do the same. Don't go near a mama's baby, because there are consequences.

Moose Runs off Grizzly Bear in Glacier Park

A video captured in Glacier Park in Montana recently showed what happens when someone or another animal gets near a mama's baby. While the video above doesn't show the full story of why this moose is chasing off this bear, there was a baby moose next to her that the bear decided it wanted to get near. The result of that bear attempting to get near it, are what you see in the video. The bear runs into a glass window or door near the end before finally fleeing the scene. While the video may be entertaining and be a reminder to stay away from baby animals in the wild this year as you visit Glacier Park, Yellowstone, or any other place you may encounter a wild animal this summer, not all stories have happy endings, and there is a reason this moose was so aggressive towards the grizzly bear.

Grizzly Bear Attacks Baby Moose at Glacier Park





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For any parent or animal lover, the video above is tough to watch. It brings context to why the mama moose was so angry in the first video. Watching your child get taken away and hearing it get eaten, could not be easy for the mom. Why she just stood there and watched is a question many have to wonder. The thought is that she lost one, but was able to protect the other, whereas if she had chased the bear the first time, she would have left both babies unattended. It is tough to watch, but these are the things that take place in the wild daily. The moose have been scared off since these videos, and one can hope that they are now safe and that the remaining baby will be unharmed.

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When camping this summer, make sure to be careful and not approach any animals, especially any baby animals you may see. If you do see something such as these videos, don't miss your chance to catch once-in-a-lifetime videos, but make sure to be safe in doing so. One of the toughest parts about watching these above videos is not knowing what happens after. The mom and baby have relocated, but are they both still ok? We may never know, but we do know that if you get near that mama's remaining baby, you better be prepared to run.

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