It's a proven fact that like people, animals too react to music. On my way home from work in Twin Falls the other day, I witnessed a group of goats react in an astonishing way toward another motorist's loud music.

Let me begin by saying thanks to city crews that have been working on repairing the broken watermain on Shoshone Street. I'm very much looking forward to the reopening of that section of road. Getting home from work has been an adventure with the long lines of cars taking the established alternate routes.

While sitting in a long traffic line recently, I looked out the window of my car and saw a group of goats who appeared to be in a state of catatonia. I mean...they weren't all. They were all staring in the direction of a motorist two cars ahead of me that was blasting Metallica. The whole thing reminded me of a YouTube video I saw recently where a little girl serenades a group of cows. One by one, they all lined up to listen to the sounds emanating from the accordion.

I think the Mariachi band performing to the Beluga Whale in the video might be my favorite part. There's definitely no disputing the fact that most animal species appreciate music, in some form or another.

In the case of the Twin Falls goats, they seemed unable to snap out of the trance they were in. As for the song, it was "Fade To Black," from Metallica's 1984 album Ride the Lightning. It appears they have great taste.

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