When we bought our house back in 2010, we started talking about getting goats to take care of the weeds in the backyard. The house had been vacant for a long time and the weeds were abundant. Now, eleven years later we finally got two adorable goats and my dogs can't handle it. We have three dogs and every chance they get it is a full-on chase/race between them and the goats.

We actually expected it to be pretty crazy for a while. Our neighbor has two goats and my dogs will sit next to the fence and just watch them. We wondered what would ever happen if our dogs actually had the chance to play with those goats, but that hasn't happened. Based on how they act with our goats, it will never happen.

The other day my wife went out with the dogs to let them get accustomed to our goats and interact with them. Our big dog weighs 130 pounds and my wife thought tying her to a chair would magically either slow her down or keep her from running. It did neither of those things. It did make for a hilarious video.

I watch that video and the music from Benny Hill plays in my head as she zooms away and then appears again with the chair bouncing along behind her. Meg is our big dog and she is the most gentle giant, most of the time. She lets the smaller dogs and cats mess with her all day long. My kids can cuddle her and we never have issues. The only time she is crazy like this is with the goats. For now, and maybe forever, we have the dogs in one section of our yard and the goats in another section since we can't leave Meg alone with them.

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