Some people really don't like the cheap tools at Harbor Freight and then there are those like me that have bought basically everything there. I've had good luck with their tools too with the exception of a palm sander that died (they replaced it for free). All of the tools I have bought there have been good and crazy cheap.

Maybe too cheap. According to a lawsuit against the company, Harbor Freight Tools advertises low prices and compares them to prices that they have never actually sold them. If you ever see a Harbor Freight ad, it is covered with low prices like a 4" angle grinder on sale for 9.99 and compare to original price 24.99 (just an example and not a real deal since I don't have their ad in front of me).

This is pretty crazy to me since I'd buy the 9.99 grinder even if the original price was $12 because it is such a great deal. Why does HF feel the need to put those higher prices? The lawsuit is calling it 'misleading sale prices'. I call it really good regular prices and misleading fake prices which is still an issue.

Will I stop shopping there? No way. Will I send in my receipts for money back? You betcha, and I'll probably go right back to Harbor Freight and spend that money on their tools. The money you get back depends on what you have purchased and the proof you have of those purchases.

Garden City Group has more info on the lawsuit and settlement.

UPDATE - I just got the new Harbor Freight Tools mailer and the ridiculous 'deals' are still a part of you can see the angle grinder I was talking about and its actual price.

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