It's Sunday and you are wanting a beer but also debating on working out that day as well, it can be such a dilemma. What do you do? Well if you want to do both you are in luck. KOTO Brewing Company located in Twin Falls on Main will be having Beer Yoga on Sunday, December 12 with Ellen.

Beer yoga sounds like a great idea

The cost is only $10 and no you do not drink the beer while you do the yoga. You will be able to drink before or after the one-hour yoga class. You will be limited to one KOTO beverage of your choice with purchase to the class. Yoga mats will not be supplied, so you will have to bring your own. Reserve your spot by calling KOTO as only about 20 spots will be available for the class. 

What is beer yoga?

Beer is known to help people with yoga. The effects of the beer can relax them which helps with meditation, mindfulness, and even balance which are essential parts of yoga. They may not seem like they go together, but there is a way to make beer go with anything. Make sure to bring extra money if you want more beverages or food after class.

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Put on your yoga pants or shorts, head down to KOTO, and enjoy a fun Sunday activity. Take the stress away from work, Christmas shopping, and your family and enjoy some good beer, get a workout in with some yoga, and maybe some food after. It will be an experience and a day you won't forget. 

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