I have some vital information to share with you. You may laugh, but if you have a bathroom crisis in Boise, you need to know where to go - literally.

Most of us at some point will go on a shopping and/or sightseeing trip to the big city. That doesn't mean our natural needs go away. And, there's nothing worse than being 2 hours away from your home toilet and having an issue.

This list was inspired by a ranking that AOL did a few years ago. Here are a few dependable spots with great public restrooms they recommended with some of our own added in for good measure.

1. Idaho State Capitol Building

Google Maps Street View

According to the AOL list, this is the best public restroom in Boise. Plus, this also allows you to make a symbolic gesture about how you feel about the Idaho legislature. Win!

2. The shopping area off of Franklin Road

Google Maps Street View

This is an obvious destination for defecation since there are dozens of stores to choose from. My personal favorite is Best Buy. You can find bathroom relief, then look at laptops. In my life, it doesn't get any better than that.

3. The Boise Public Library

Google Maps Street View

Now that libraries aren't as much of a thing thanks to the Internet, it's great that the Boise Public Library has such awesome accommodations. The nice part of this is you can feel lighter afterward and your friends may see you as more of an intellectual if they see you walking out of the library.

4. Boise Towne Square Mall

Google Maps Street View

The Boise Towne Square Mall has lots of parking options and that's a big thing. If you're having a vital bladder meltdown, the last thing you want is to have to park a million miles from the poop destination.

This is by no means a complete list. Check out AOL's ideas from eons ago or add your own. It's good to have this emergency information ahead of time.