Summer this year seemed like it got here a little late and now it is already gone. Luckily we have a few more weeks of warm as fall starts up before the crisp mornings turn into snow days. When the cold weather does get here and you are stuck in your house wishing you were on a warm beach somewhere or that you could just go outside without bundling up in layers of clothes, let these pictures from summer in Twin Falls warm your soul.

The Perrine Bridge is a great place to take in a large amount of the beauty of Twin Falls and the Snake River Canyon. On cold or windy days I'm too chicken to go on the bridge (I really hate heights) so these sunny pictures will hold me over just fine.

Twin Falls Mascot, Tess, was always up for a good time in the summer heat.

While the Shoshone Falls may not be roaring this time of the year. When the leaves turn an fall or the snow is on the ground, the Shoshone Falls never disappoint.

This isn't the time of year that I would go kayaking in the Snake River. But this picture captures why I love going on warm summer days.

This one isn't from the recent summer but it is a really cool glimpse of how Twin Falls has changed over the years and a reminder that it will continue to grow and prosper.

I didn't even know this was a thing at the Clif Bar plant. Definitely worth checking out on a warm day.

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