Driving can be scary and dangerous and the last few days have been especially tragic on Southern Idaho roads. A teen pedestrian was hit by a car in Twin Falls, three were sent to the hospital after a vehicle rollover near Albion, and three were hospitalizes after a semi struck an SUV near Bellevue.

A recent car accident has destroyed the lives of three Idaho teens and their families. On Saturday night Nakia Molina, Kennedy Littledike, and Jacob Rasmussen were in a car crash which resulted in the hospitalization of all three due to severe injuries. GoFundMe fundraisers have been set up for all three kids as the medical bills will no doubt be an extreme burden on the families.

How Can I Help the Nakia Molina GoFundMe?

Nakia Molina is a Declo high school graduate who played softball. She was taken to Idaho Falls by Life Flight where surgeries and a long recovery are expected. You can donate to her GoFundMe and help her and her family here:

How Can I Donate to the Kennedy Littledike GoFundMe?

Kennedy Littledike is also a Declo graduate where she played soccer. She was ejected from the vehicle and as a result has extensive injuries to her left arm and part of her left leg was amputated. She is still in a medically induced coma in the Utah hospital where she was taken. Donate to her GoFundMe here:

How Can I Help With the Jacob Rasmussen GoFundMe?

Jacob Rasmussen was also taken to Utah for care. He has had surgery to stabilize his neck and a surgery planned to fix his pelvis injury. Donate to his GoFundMe here:

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