This isn't exactly breaking news. You stand a better-than-average chance of hitting a deer if you live in Idaho.

The Washington Post shared a study done by State Farm which revealed how likely it is for you and Bambi to meet in an unpleasant way. As you can see, Idaho is a high-risk state for deer vehicle collisions.

State Farm
State Farm

My dad used to emphasize to me that if a deer runs into your path, do not swerve to avoid it. You're better off running into the deer than going down into a ditch and/or embankment and risking further injury. I don't know if science supports that theory, but it made common sense to me.

He also had me put deer whistles on my Firebird. SIDE NOTE: Nothing kills your potential popularity with the Firebird crowd quite like deer whistles, but that's another issue entirely. My opinion of deer whistles is that maybe it causes the deer to not be able to cross the road in front of you because they're too busy laughing at the deer whistles on your Firebird.

There's an entire Wikipedia page devoted to deer-vehicle collisions. If you live in Idaho, it's good to be aware of the facts.

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