I'll admit right now that I have no idea what is going on with my kids and their schoolwork. They do ask me daily for help with whatever they are working on, but if I were asked what they needed to do each day I would have no answer. My children have daily chores that they must do before they get any screen time in the afternoons. On that list is getting ready for the day (they don't get to walk around in PJ's all day), read for 30 minutes, practice music for 30 minutes, exercise for 30 minutes, and get their homework done.

The school district has realized that many parents are in the same situation as I am and have set up a way for parents to monitor their children's progress through the PowerSchool app with the parent portal. This isn't a new app but they have made it easier for parents with multiple children to switch between kids with more ease.

If you are a parent of school aged kids you should have received an email for each of them with the pertinent login information. You can also login at the Twin Falls School District PowerSchool site. If you didn't get the email with your student's information you can request the info from their school.

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