I was driving by my kids school this week and saw one of the houses on the way had two pink garbage cans in front of their house. I thought they had either painted them or it was a new recycling bin. So, I got out to take a look and it turns out it was a special PSI Environmental Systems trash can complete with breast cancer awareness info on the side. Of course I immediately wanted one because I'd never seen one before and new things are awesome. I checked online and on the PSI website I didn't find any information but when I went to their Facebook page these pink trash cans are all over the place.

The new garbage cans are a type of fundraiser for the St. Luke's Mobile Mammogram Foundation. Proceeds from the use of the cans benefits a great program and the crazy and best part is that it is affordable. To get one of these pink cans is just $50! Now I want one even more since my current regular blue bin is gross and old. I think $50 is definitely reasonable and it gets you a new clean trash bin at your house. To get one of these pink cans at your house and to help out the Mobile Mammogram program you can visit PSI in person or just call them at 208-733-4441. You also have a chance to win one from PSI.

Other changes are coming to the way Twin Falls resident get rid of their waste. Starting in October the items that will be allowed to be recycled are aluminum, cardboard, and tin. Paper and plastics will no longer be accepted so those will have to go in your old blue, or new pink, garbage can.

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