Trolls don't just live in fairy tales or under bridges anymore (could you imagine the size of a troll under the Perrine Bridge though - yikes). Trolls now also hide behind fake names and firewalls online.

Don't believe trolls exist? You've seen their comments on social media. They think that name calling, fake statistics, and their desire to be right need to be seen and heard by everyone. Their single goal is to ruffle feathers. T

They'll comment their opinion even if it doesn't apply to the story they are commenting on. You post a photo of your kid getting ready for the first day of school and they'll comment that 911 was an inside job and our children are doomed.

These trolls are everywhere. According to stats from Wired, Idaho has about 6% of the posts and comments that fall into the malicious troll category. The bad news is that it doesn't matter where the trolls are posting from - they could be your neighbor or someone in Russia. All the negative comments hit your screen the same.

How do you get rid of a troll? You can't. You don't even really know who they are. The common consensus to battle a troll is to ignore them. Don't reply to their snark or acknowledge their existence and just like a fairy tale troll, most of them will disappear.

But there is also another way to combat them. Along with ignoring them - you can be nice. You can write uplifting comments and notes of joy. Be a light and be kind.

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