I've lived in Utah, Kansas, and Nevada before moving here and my work commute round trip has been anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes (driving in Las Vegas was a joke most days). In Idaho my drive time is significantly shorter. In fact, I'm lucky to get in 1 song before I make it to the parking lot because I live so close. Others aren't so lucky to have a short drive time but you'd be pressed to find many with a commute time even close to an hour and a half.

In fact, the Educated Driver website says the average round trip commute for Twin Falls is only 34.6 minutes which they say is equal to about 270 days of your life! Burley averages 32.2 minutes per day or 252 days. When you put it that way it sounds pretty bad. Definitely better than Elko though, where they average a full hour and Boise where they are closer to 45 minutes.

We also get to see some pretty interesting things on our commute between the tractors on the road and the horse drawn wagons in restaurant drive thru lanes.

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