The hand circle game is a game that has been around for ages.

I know people that say they played it in the 70's and I know I played it in high school in the 90's. So, what is the hand circle game and how do you play it?

First of all - I call it the 'hand circle game' but I'm not sure it even has a real name. All you do is try to get someone to look at the circle you have formed with your hand. If they look, you get to punch them. Here's the catch - if the person is able to poke their finger in the hand circle and break it then they get to punch you. So be careful who you play with.

You can't put the circle in their sight though, you have to get them to look at it and the hand circle has to be below your waist line. If anyone tells you differently you can tell them I say they are wrong and you get a free punch to their arm.

Is it really a fun game? No. But, it is childish and annoying which makes it pretty fun.

Here are a few examples of the hand circle game in action. Even though some are technically not valid because they aren't on the body...they are still great!

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