I am not good at calculating tips when I go out and eat. I pay my bill and then I put money on the table according to what I feel good about leaving. It may be 40% or it may be 10% - I really don't know. Other people are better than me and make sure that they give a good tip (recommended 15-20%) to a deserving server.

Idaho Average Tip via TSheets
Idaho Average Tip via TSheets

Idahoans tip an average of 16.51% which when ranked among all the other states puts us at 31st in generosity. Sort of. See, at TSheets they made a map ranking all the states but based it on the point of view of the server and included the minimum wage for a tipped employee into the equation. In Idaho we tip 16.51 percent and are ranked 31st in the nation but in California they tip barely more at 16.66% but are ranked at number 12 because their minimum tipping wage is $10.50 to our $3.35.

So don't get bummed that Idaho ranked low in the map. We would rank higher if it was just based on the customer POV. We tip more than the average to our servers but the state of Idaho just has a really low wage for tipped employees.

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