Full disclosure: I'm writing this story as I eat a bacon wrapped deep-dish pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's and I plan on eating at the Golden Corral tonight to celebrate my sister's birthday. It is a pretty well know fact that as citizens of the greatest country on the planet that we are also the fattest people on the planet. Studies show that about 40 percent of Americans aged 15 and up are obese. That isn't just overweight - that is obese according to the OECD.

Now, there are 50 states that share the blame for our weight issues but the blame isn't weighted equally in each state. According to WalletHub, you can pretty much believe what you have heard about southern states and their greasy fried foods. Most of the most obese states are down there including: Texas, Louisianan, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Source: WalletHub

Luckily in Idaho we seems to have our weight under control. we ranked almost in the bottom 10 with Boise coming in at 88 out of 100. We can definitely do better though because none of the cities in Montana, Wyoming, or either of the Dakotas made the top 100. And we are definitely better than North Dakota.

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