Do you ever wonder if you are above or below average in your drinking habits? Well, wonder no more. For starters as a state, Idaho is well below average...but not as below average as Utah, for how much is drank per average person. In Idaho the average was 25.9 gallons of beer over the year.

USA of Glug via VinePair
USA of Glug via VinePair

These stats are interesting from my point of view since I don't drink, that means someone else is picking up my slack and drinking a double share somewhere. I bet that person is awesome at parties.

Another interesting fact is that while Utah drinks less per capita - they drink more as a state. About 7 million gallons more last year. More surprising is how little they drink in Colorado. VinePair has all sorts of details on the drinking habits of Idaho.

If you drink - do you think you drank 26 gallons of beer last year or does that number seem high?

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