You know why Pi Day is so great? You don't have to be a math nerd to celebrate it!

Why we celebrate Pi Day today? Because the date is 3/14 and the number for Pi is 3.14...

Now to the real celebration - pies! Since nobody actually want's to celebrate the never-ending number the world has embraced instead the idea that it should be a day to eat pie. In Twin Falls there are a lot of great places to get fruit pies. The Real Deal also has a good list of where to get a good pizza pie!

  • Domino's has a load of deals today ranging from a large 3 topping for $7.99 to buy one pizza get one free.
  • Papa John's can get you 25% off your purchase or buy one pizza get one free.
  • Pizza Hut has buy one get one free pizzas and medium 3 topping pizzas for $6.
  • If you are feeling more ambitious you can always hit up one of the pizza buffets in Twin at Gertie's or Pizza Pie Cafe!

Looks like your night is planned and full of pizza and pies. Enjoy.

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