Here’s something you have probably never thought about: are you saying the word Thanksgiving the correct way?

A study was done across the United States and it turns out that Idahoans do indeed say ‘Thanksgiving’ differently than many other people.

Do Idahoans Say Thanksgiving Different Than Other States?

Before writing this story, I have to admit that I didn’t even think there was more than 1 way to say the name of the turkey holiday. How could we be pronouncing the name wrong if there’s only 1 way to say it? Well, I was wrong and there are at least 2 ways to say ‘Thanksgiving’. The research only shows 2 options, but at this point, I think anything is possible.

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The language specialists at Preply put together a graphic based on research by Harvard and found that some people in the United States put the emphasis on the beginning of the word - THANKS-giving - and others put the emphasis on the second syllable - thanks-GIV-ing. Are there not any who put the emphasis on the ING? Maybe those are the .49 percent who say it another way?

Ready for it to get even more crazy? There are some people who say it BOTH ways! I thought that was crazy until I realized that I am one of those people. Depending on the situation or where the word Thanksgiving falls in a sentence determines where I put the emphasis.

Credit Preply/Canva
Credit Preply/Canva

Usually, I put the emphasis at the beginning of the word, which is different than most people in Idaho (and the United States) but every once in a while, I notice I say it on the GIVE part of the word.

This isn’t life-or-death information, but it is interesting and will probably make you listen to yourself and question how you say it for the rest of the week as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

You are welcome.

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