I was very surprised at how amazing the Magic Valley is when I moved here about 15 years ago. Obviously, there have been some significant changes to the area since then but I still love it here.

Since I'm not from here, I didn't get a grade school education on the area. I've had to learn everything through conversations with long-time residents and stories online. One of my favorite places to see pictures of old Twin Falls is a Facebook group called 'You Might Be From Twin Falls, ID'. In the group, people regularly share stories and pictures of how the land and population have changed. Steve Woodall is my favorite contributor in that group with 100-year-old photos and the history behind them. Twin Falls has a lot of history, scenery, and even some secrets. How well do you know this area and its history?

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How well did you do on the quiz? I created the quiz a while ago and just retook it today and got 3 of the questions wrong. Looks like I still have some things to learn about Twin Falls. If you join the Facebook group I mentioned above, you'll be able to see the pictures and read many cool history stories too.

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