In the early days of the COVID outbreak, we were shamed for even making the suggestion.  There was an underground meme about a guy with an arrow sticking in his head but his doctor wanted instead to run a COVID test.  Hospitals denied they were receiving extra funds for reported cases of the virus.  Despite friends on the inside of the healthcare system telling us otherwise.

Shooting Deaths Listed as COVID Casualties

There was a story from a Denver TV station.  A coroner in Colorado blew the whistle.  He explained of the five recent coronavirus deaths listed in his county that two had been deaths from gunshot wounds.  It didn’t get much national coverage.

Remember the ticker on TV newscasts?  The grim daily death toll onscreen until Joe Biden became President.  Then the ticker vanished.

A Crisis Greatly Exaggerated

A few days ago, Dr. Rochelle Walensky made a casual announcement.  She is the Director of the Centers for Disease Control.  You can view her statement by clicking here.  She admitted that the number of hospital admissions due to COVID (and by association the number of deaths) was grossly exaggerated.  As much as fourfold!

Now, even mainstream media is catching on.  Check out this link from CNN.

I Want My Country Back

Lives have been ruined these last two years.  Businesses lost.  Kids failed grades at school.  The course of history was changed as the result of a presidential election.  The disruption was felt by many right here in Idaho.  Some business owners I know have never recovered and, if still open, are hanging on by fingernails.

No one will ever face judgment for the destruction.  Bureaucrats will keep their jobs and government pensions.  Big Pharma is getting filthy rich off boosters alone and the pandemic marches on.  This isn’t the America of my childhood.  I was taught about liberty and a system that offered equal justice.  Yet, there are some people still buying the charade.  They cower in checkout lanes behind cloth masks and glare at anyone who clears a throat within 30 feet.  Frankly, free culture may never recover.

10 Commandments Of Winter In idaho

When winter rolls through Idaho there are a new set of rules that we need to abide by to prove that we are indeed good people.

Renovated First House Built In Twin Falls

The house is known by different names depending on who you talk to. Some may refer to it as the Adam's House, Shew House, or the Hollyhock House.

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