The CDC and FDA have issued a recall on fruits in the United States that could be contaminated with Salmonella. The original recall was issued on Thanksgiving Day but has been updated to include more states. With many having traveled over the holiday, it’s good to know if you were possibly in an affected area or have brought any infected fruit home with you.

Idaho Surrounded by States Hit by Dangerous Fruit-Related Sickness

The fruit recall hasn’t hit Idaho yet, but surrounding states and 32 others around the country have reported sicknesses, hospitalizations, and even death. The sickness is Salmonella and has been linked to cantaloupes and pineapples. The fruits are being recalled and consumers are urged to not eat any fruits included in the recall. Recalled food includes the following:

🔺Certain Whole Cantaloupes
🔺Vinyard Brand Pre-cut Cantaloupes
🔺Aldi Whole Cantaloupe and Pre-cut Fruit Products
🔺RaceTrac Brand and Freshness Guaranteed Brand Pre-cut Cantaloupes

Other cantaloupe products may be added to the list as investigators continue to identify affected fruits.

Will Idaho be Hit by this Dangerous Fruit-Related Sickness?

Idaho does not have any reported cases of Salmonella due to fruit consumption yet, but as investigators find the cause and more cases are reported that number could change. Many of the fruits were sold at Aldi stores and there are no Aldi in Idaho but the sickness has been reported in 37 states, including some near Idaho: Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado.

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Symptoms and recall updates can be found on the CDC website and from the FDA.

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