Friday night, multiple accidents were reported on I-84 eastbound by users on social media and on the Idaho 511 website. Information has now been made available by the Idaho State Police.

FINAL UPDATE: Idaho State Police have released the information on the cause of the crash and injuries. I was a fatal accident involving 2 semi trucks:

A 2006 Freightliner semi pulling a single trailer, driven by a 49-year-old man from Boise City, Oklahoma, was traveling eastbound and slowed for traffic in the right lane.

A 2021 Freightliner semi pulling a single trailer, driven by a 53-year-old male from Blackfoot, also travelling eastbound in the right lane and collided with the back of the 2006 Freightliner and trailer. The 53-year-old male succumbed to injuries at the scene.

Both drivers were wearing seatbelts.

Eastbound I84 was blocked from milepost 165 to 194 for approximately four hours.

The accident is now being investigated by ISP.

UPDATE 10:46 PM: Idaho 511 has cleared the incident from their alert website. We'll update this story again when ISP releases information about the accident.

UPDATE 8:37 PM: The highway is partially open. Eastbound I-84 at milepost 179, the right lane of travel and right shoulder are blocked. Keep left and use caution in the area.

ORIGINAL STORY: Currently, I-84 eastbound at milepost 179 between the Hansen Bridge and Perrine Bridge exits in Twin Falls, is completely blocked. The Idaho 511 website reports:

Eastbound I-84 at milepost 179, all lanes are blocked due to a crash, traffic is moving slowly on the shoulder. Expect delays and prepare to stop. Eastbound traffic exit I-84 at Milepost 165, take Hwy 25 and return to I-84 at Milepost 194

The accident happened just before 4 PM on September 1st and the last update was given at 6 PM. Idaho State Police have not released a statement on the accident. That report will come later once they have cleared the scene and assessed injuries and possible causes of the accidents.

Credit Idaho 511
Credit Idaho 511

People are commenting and leaving updates on social media with KMVT and in the Twin Falls County Traffic, News, Crime & Weather Blog on Facebook. Follow the updates here:

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The user submitted updates claim there is a fatality and that the accident involved semi trucks, but those claims are not verified by us or authorities yet. This story is ongoing and we will update with verified information when we can.

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