If you were hoping that St. Patrick’s Day would come around and bring you some sort of luck in your life, keep dreaming. Not only are Idahoans not lucky in general, but in a new report on luck, the state actually ranks at the bottom of the list.

Idaho Does Not Have The Luck Of The Irish According To Study

I’d say that if you live in Idaho that you are lucky since the state is amazing, but the recent report isn’t basing our luck on living in a beautiful place. The data collected by Digital Third Coast (speaking of unlucky, who chose their name?) bases their ranking on how many people have won a jackpot in the state. Since Idaho sits at Zero on the list of wins, we are stuck at the bottom with other loser states like Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

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Where Do The Luckiest People In America Live?

Some people in Idaho are not going to like the answer to where the luckiest people in the United States live since the number 1 answer is California. Though, I’m willing to bet that this guy from California who got a live chicken stuck in his bum hole doesn’t consider himself a lucky person. What California does have are 27 jackpot wins. The next luckiest states are New York, New Jersey, Florida, then Illinois and Michigan tied for 5th place.

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