TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A lottery prize worth $1 million sold in Blaine County has yet to be claimed by the winner. According to Idaho Lottery officials, it is about the halfway point before the winning Idaho $1,000,000 Raffle ticket can be claimed before it expires and goes back towards the Lottery's beneficiaries like Idaho public schools. “Players who win a large lottery prize sometimes delay coming forward to claim it, but we’ve reached the half-way point in the claiming period for this $1,000,000 winning ticket and the player needs to start thinking about coming forward,” said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director in a prepared statement. “Winning tickets expire 180 days after the drawing and this one will be invalid after June 27, 2022. After that date, we will be unable to pay the claim.” The winning ticket number is 0270407. The Idaho Lottery said if this ticket is unclaimed it'll be the third time in the Raffle's history that a $1 million ticket didn't get turned in; in 2010 a ticket sold in Irwin, near the Idaho/Wyoming border didn't get claimed and in 2012 a ticket sold in Meridian didn't get turned in either. The winner of the prize will need to sign the back of the ticket and call the Idaho Lottery office in Boise as soon as possible. The $1 million prize isn't the only one that hasn't been claimed yet, a winning $10,000 Raffle prize sold in Nez Perce County hasn't been claimed yet either. Again, the deadline to claim the winnings is June 27, 2022. The Idaho Lottery noted that the Raffle brought in $900,000 in revenue to Idaho schools and buildings.

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