It was a pretty great April Fools Day if you ask me. So many people and businesses joined in on the fun. And I have to say, a lot of them I really wish were true. If only if only. Maybe we can make them happen!

The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office with the narcotics goats! How amazing would that be! The goats probably wouldn't even need to be trained, people would admit to everything they ever did wrong just to pet them.

The Twin Falls Police Department and their helicopter. There were so many people on social media upset that tax payer money would have gone to something like this. I say, do it! How cool would it be to have that flying around town!

Culvers announced their "Curderburger". Yes, a massive cheese curd on a buttered toasted bun. The big April Fools joke here was the tease not the creation. I need this in my life.

A real estate agent in Twin Falls named Ben Ramirez Hernandez also played games with my heart by pretending that Twin Falls was getting an In N Out Burger. He photoshopped a "Coming soon" sign, or found one from somewhere else. Either way, my heart broke.

The big trend this year was strange animals joining the police departments. In Nampa the police also stated they brought in some drug sniffing goats. I swear I don't see a problem here, this has to happen!

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Way to toy with my heart all of you. Shattered into a million pieces.

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