On a recent trip north of Twin Falls, we stopped at a two-story restaurant and brewery, where we proceeded to enjoy some incredibly tasty beer and appetizers. The only thing better than the food and drink, was our rooftop vantage point facing the mountains near Sun Valley.

Idaho has roughly 80 breweries statewide, and the southern portion of the state has some truly great spots. One of those located just 80 miles north of Twin Falls is in the city of Ketchum. We started with a beer sampler, which paired very well with my soft pretzel and mustard appetizer. I had a delicious ale from their menu of terrific beers.

For those that have spent some time at the Warfield, you know it's a great place to cool off for a couple hours with friends and family. The restaurant and brewery was one of the highlights of the visit. The staff was awesome, and sitting back on the second floor of this North Main Street business and taking in the surroundings was just what the doctor ordered.

The Pacific Northwest has become a region of the U.S. where new breweries are opening up at a faster rate than most of the country. Oregon and Washington alone are in the top nine states as far as having the most breweries, according to Zippia.com. Idaho, with roughly 80 breweries operating currently, didn't make the top 10, but still is seeing growth in the industry.

I also recently discovered how to create my own Idaho brewery map, so I can check off locations as I travel this summer. We hope you discover some new spots in the state this summer. Good luck!

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